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Smoke Topaz, Jade & Pietersite Charm Bracelet with Personalized Photo Stanhope Charms

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Personalize Your Beaded Charm Bracelet with Stanhope Charms and Favorite Photos
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Detail View of Sterling Stanhope Charms (shown on our Millefiori Bracelet)
Personalizeble Stanhope Charms on Bracelet

Beautiful and elegant stanhope charm bracelet is handmade of fine sterling silver beads, smoked Topaz faceted Swarovski Crystal Elements, natural earth-tone Jade tear drop beads, accented with Pietersite and black Onyx. Features a sterling silver toggle. As personal keepsakes, our charm bracelets will preserve your dearest memories and life's most memorable moments forever as tiny microphotos that are amazing to see. Each stanhope charm on your bracelet is home to a magnified photo called a "stanhope". Just hold it right up to your eye to reveal the beautifully clear photo. Your charm comes with your first custom photo Barrel Charm so you can preserve your most precious picture right away. 

Custom Photo Stanhope Lens ViewA stanhope charm bracelet is a keepsake that highlights the memories of a persons life and in many ways it's like a photo album you can wear. Our bracelets and charms, though miraculous for their tiny photo inside, are designed with you in mind, for you to wear for a lifetime. Create a keepsake that she'll be sure to cherish and admire for a lifetime. Can be worn as a pendant on a chain or as a charm on a bracelet. Select the perfect length from 7 to 8 1/2 inches or contact us for a custom length. A great Valentine's or Mother's day gift that will touch her heart.

To personalize your stanhope charm, just upload your own favorite photo. Charms are attached with small sterling split-rings so you can add or change charms easily without the help of a jeweler. More charms can be added at any time. To see our entire Stanhope Charm selection, visit our Stanhope Charms Department.

Selection of Optional Stanhope Charms with Custom Photos
Stanhope Pumpkin Carriage Charm

Do more than just remember your life's special moments, see them in stanhope charms.
If you need help or have questions, contact us or call us at 717.796.9000

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