In order to understand the types of Bridal Stanhope Jewelry that is sold by retailers worldwide, you must first understand the characteristics of Stanhope. In other words, they must understand what Stanhope Jewelry is and what it is not.

Stanhope Jewelry is characterized by jewelry that has a minutely tiny hidden image, or "microphotograph" placed somewhere inside the object. In the case of jewelry, the image can be revealed by holding up the piece to the light and viewing the image from the light through a tiny hole. These images are extremely small, are placed on a lens, and range in size from 1/10th of an inch in diameter and a 1/4 of an inch long. The "Stanhope" name actually comes from Lord Charles Stanhope, who was an inventor of a similar microscopic lens in the early 1800's. However, the actual "microphotograph" on most Stanhope jewelry was invented by a gentleman named John Benjamin Dancer in 1839.

Stanhope jewelry is still made today, and used for all occasions. Many people commemorate a loved one on a cross, for example. Bridal Stanhope Jewelry then, is jewelry that has a microphoto of the happy couple or other such photograph from the wedding ceremony.

There is a demand for Bridal Stanhope Jewelry and its microphotography today. A typical method of ordering this type of Jewelry would be in filling out the form online and then uploading a picture of the desired photograph to be impressed upon the lens. Stanhope jewelry is a great way to commemorate an event, a spouse, or a beloved family member or friend by impressing their photo on the microscopic lens. Pricing can be fairly reasonable as well, ranging from the $150-200 range. Bridal Stanhope Jewelry can a fantastic way to remember your special day.

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