Designed to show tiny photos of loved ones in jewelry pieces, Stanhope pendants are a popular type of jewelry that have been around over a century. John Benjamin Dancer made the original microphotograph in 1851 but it required a microscope to view the tiny picture since it was the size of a pin. This problem was solved by Britain's René Dagron in 1857. Dragon discovered that by attaching small photos or microphotographs to an altered small cylindrical Stanhope lens it allowed the jewelry owner to view the photo without the need for a microscope. This winning combination was coined Stanhope jewelry by Dragon and pendants began to sell all over the world.

The first Stanhope jewelry pieces that sold were rosaries and crosses with tiny pictures of religious prayers. Stanhope pendants with photos of famous actors and actresses were also bestsellers, including binocular necklaces with a photo of foreign landscapes. There are many different types of Stanhope jewelry and pendants available for sale since any small photograph can be placed inside as a small jewelry souvenir.

Stanhope jewelry is created from a large variety of metals including gold, silver, and other semi precious metals. Brass and ivory can also be used to create Stanhope pendants. Normally the photo is so small it has to be closely looked at in the light for someone to view the image in its entirety.

You can buy Stanhope pendants from online jewelry retailers and stores that sell novelty items. Since Stanhope jewelry was created so long ago, there are many antique pieces for sale at estate sales or garage sales. People that collect antique jewelry often look for a Stanhope piece to add to their collection due to their historical value. There are other jewelry lovers that prefer to custom make a pendant with their own photo inside.

After you have found the perfect Stanhope pendant or jewelry, you will have to put in continuous effort to take care of it. Due to its fragility, you shouldn't use water or jewelry cleaner when your Stanhope jewelry gets dirty since it can harm the photograph inside. Store the jewelry in a well ventilated jewelry box and it will stay safe from the air’s moisture or high levels of heat. If you take care of your precious jewelry, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come and hopefully pass it down to future generations.


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Date 9/6/2016

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