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Sterling Silver Pumpkin Carriage Charm with Stanhope Peep

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Beautiful Stanhope Pumpkin Carriage Charm can be customized with any photo in the stanhope peep.
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Feature: Stanhope Peep View

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This cute Pumpkin Carriage charm is made of solid Sterling Silver with intricate detail. Add it to a charm bracelet or wear it as a pendant. This setting is accented with our ultra-high resolution stanhope picture lens. A peep inside the stanhope center reveals the crystal clear image of your choice or to personalize your Pumpkin Carriage charm, upload your own favorite photo. You can also add your own custom message or title. Just as you would look into a real pumpkin carriage and see the occupants, this pumpkin carriage holds a favorite picture of what you want. There are many stock images to choose from including Jesus, The Holy Family, Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, L'Ascension, The Lord's Prayer in English, Spanish, Hebrew and quite a few others. You may also select to add a chain in various lengths. Nicely packaged in a gift box and arrives with a gift bag with tag. Create a keepsake that is sure to be passed down through generations. Made completely in our workshop in the USA.

On the right you can see several of our popular "stock image selections" used for our Cross, Crucifix & other religious theme pendants & charms. These are simulated view of what it looks like when the stanhope is held closely to the eye.

To see all of the stock image layouts, visit our IMAGE CATALOG PRAYER CROSS PAGE (opens in a new window)

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