Looking for unique and custom gifts is something that all of us do at one time or another. It could be in search of the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Even when it is time to shop for birthdays and anniversaries, we want to find a gift that represents how we feel and express our love and gratitude with the perfect gift. Women love receiving jewelry and men seem to always be in search of just the right gift.

No matter the occasion, Stanhope Microphoto Pendants are perfect for gift giving. These unique pieces of jewelry are created using antique pieces and stanhope lenses. The idea behind a piece of jewelry like this one is genius. Imagine a beautifully polished gem pendant with a small lens in the center for viewing just the right picture of your choice. The concept of pairing such a wonderful looking piece of jewelry with a priceless photo is amazing! Another option is to include text inside the lens. Maybe there is a prayer or special saying or even a poem that would make this the perfect gift.

The possibilities are endless. A new mother would adore such a piece of fine jewelry! What a great gift for your wife to celebrate your marriage! These uniquely crafted pieces are timeless and would be the gift of choice to cherish for years to come. If you are looking to give the perfect gift to show how much you love a special someone; Stanhope Microphoto Pendants are the right choice.

There are so many ways to customize one of these pendants. Choosing the pendant is just the beginning. You also get to choose the photo and/or text, and chain for this fine piece of jewelry. A gift from the heart is always the best!

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