Stanhope Microphoto Charms are beautifully designed to suit every taste and budget. They are available in a variety of styles, from vintage to contemporary. You can choose your own setting. Charms are available in gold, sterling silver, and plated. They are available in other metals which will offer you a wide selection to choose from. These unique charms are created by a group of artisans who use tiny magnifiers also known as Stanhope lenses. This concept began in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. A Stanhope is a tiny peephole which holds a photograph that is inserted into your charm. In order to see the photo, you need to hold it up to the light or hold it very close to your eye. The Stanhope has been reinvented using today’s technology. A Stanhope Microphoto Charm would make an excellent gift or topic of conversation because of its unique blend of old fashioned and modern artistry.

Each individual charm can be designed to store your favorite photo or image in the peephole. Custom images can be added to any piece. You can customize and design your own charms right from your computer. Stanhope Microphoto Charms can be purchased online. You will find a wide variety of distinctive designs to choose from. Charms are available to suit any special occasion such as weddings or memorials. Charms make an excellent keepsake to remember your special day. They are also a unique way to store memories, allowing you to have your favorite photos with you at all times.

Charms are available in so many styles that it will easy to find just the right one for yourself or as a gift to someone special. You will find the popular Lord’s Prayer crosses available in several beautiful designs. As you continue to browse you will find a baby carriage, a bird house and a bride and groom. There are plenty more. Each one is distinctive and well crafted. These jewelry pieces definitely have their own unique charm.

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