It is never easy when someone we love and cherish pass away. We want to ensure that they are remembered for always as the special people they were and always will be in our hearts. With funeral and memorial Stanhope prayer charms, family members and friends are given the rare opportunity to express how special their loved ones were to them. Anyone can wear a piece of jewelry, but Stanhope takes it a step further with their theme specific pieces such as their Stanhope necklaces and cords that are dedicated to mothers and daughters of passed away military family members.

Stanhope offers funeral and memorial Stanhope prayer charms to comfort mourning family members as well as Stanhope necklaces and cords that come with star military pendants, heats in gold, brass or silver, and memorial crosses. These pendants and prayer charms were designed to honor the memory of your lost ones and to keep their memories alive for years to come. Religion becomes a great source of comfort for mourning family members, thus the Stanhope prayer charms will be with them all times of the day for the mourning souls to take a few minutes to offer prayers for their loved ones. Anyone can give their family member a proper burial, memorial service and funeral, but there is no one quite like the Stanhope company that provides an even more purposeful and everlasting way of honoring those we've loved and lost over the years. Prayer and remembrance are very powerful tools.

The intriguing beauty and unique designs of the star, heart and cross pendants are sure to come in handy for not only their prayer charm values, but as gifts that would mean the world to families of military members and all other loved and lost family and friends. Make your loved ones remain a special part of your life, give the gift of funeral and memorial Stanhope prayer charms to all your mourning family members to show them that there is hope for prayer and relief for the grieving heart. Stanhope makes jewelry to remember those lost for always.

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