Stanhope Jewelry offers a truly unique twist to both modern and antique jewelry styles. All the jewelry that we make has a peephole through which a customized photo or image can be viewed.

Stanhope Jewelry Company was established by Tara Kivlan in 2008 who modeled the concept based upon the Stanhope lens. The Stanhope lens was created by the third Earl of Stanhope in the 1700s and consists of, essentially, a one piece microscope. It was originally popular in medical equipment. Kivlan inserted the lens into jewelry to create truly personalized, wearable works of art.

The most popular purchasers of Stanhope Jewelry tend to be those searching for a unique gift. The jewelry makes popular wedding, baby, and graduation gifts. Often, customers select photos relating to the event then insert those within the jewelry which makes for a memorable addition to the jewelry box. Stanhope Jewelry is also quite popular as a funeral or memorial gift because it presents a way to memorialize the person and keep them close.

The Stanhope Jewelry company makes pendants, charms, birthstone jewelry, and necklace sets. Charms are often a popular gift as they vary so greatly in subject. For instance, we make presidential candidate charms, bride and groom charms, baby carriage charms, and more. We also sell whole necklaces and sets that make an excellent gift. In addition, beautiful pens can be purchased from Stanhope Jewelry which are a nice option for those who do not tend to wear jewelry but would appreciate the sentiment.

One of the reasons that many customers flock to Stanhope Jewelry is because of the pricing. There is truly something for everyone as customers can shop by price. Prices range from around $29 to over $150 and everywhere in between.

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