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Opal Necklace and Black Diamond Sterling Silver Octavia Stanhope Cross

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Beautiful Handmade Stanhope Necklace
Part Number: SJC005OPAL
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Feature: "Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Charms & Pendants"
Feature: Swarovski Elements Crystals
Feature: Stanhope Peep View

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This is a hand-made Semi-Precious Moss Opal necklace. Clear and Black Diamond Swarovski crystals, Semi-Precious Light Red Adventurine, white natural shell complement the moss opal. The necklace closure is a lobster claw clasp.

The moss opal necklace features a stunning solid Sterling Silver cross pendant charm accented with authentic Swarovski crystals. The setting is solid Sterling Silver that is very shiny and polished. 'Octavia' has a total of 5 Swarovski octagon Black Diamond crystal rhinestones and 10 round Clear crystals. A peep inside the lens reveals a crystal clear and legible image. There are many images to choose from including Jesus, The Holy Family, Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, L'Ascension, The Lord's Prayer in English, Spanish, Hebrew and quite a few others.

The moss opal necklace measures approximately 18 1/2 inches.
The Octavia black diamond stanhope cross pendant measures approximately 7/8 inches x 1 3/4 inches.

The prayer images are shown below or you can see them in the image catalog on the PRAYER CROSS IMAGES PAGE (opens in a new window). 

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