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Baltic Amber Cross Pendant with Lord's Prayer Stanhope Photo

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Beautiful Amber Lord's Prayer Stanhope Cross Pendant
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Feature: Baltic Sea Amber
Feature: Stanhope Peep View

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This stunning Baltic amber cross pendant has a surprise in the center. Peer into the stanhope peep hole lens and see a microscopic photo of The Lord's Prayer. It is crystal clear and easy to see, even if you normally have poor eyesight you should see it clearly. If you like stanhopes, you'll love the way the photo looks inside this nicely designed golden orange piece. Amber is popular among all age groups and can be worn with just about anything. This small amber cross measures slightly under 1 1/4" high and 7/8" wide. It has a sterling silver eyelet so that it may be easily put on a chain or necklace. Amber is known to have certain healing qualities and is said to bring happiness to those who carry and wear it. Amber is one of our best selling jewelry items. A peep inside the lens reveals a crystal clear and legible image of The Lord's Prayer.

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