If you believe the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, then a microphoto pendant is the jewelry of choice for you. When it comes to carrying around a photo of the people most precious to you why would you want to hide them in your purse or have to whip out your phone to show off your precious loved ones. Keeping them close to your heart and your minds eye has never been so easy. Microphoto pendants are classy and very customizable to meet everyones taste.

Microphoto pendants make great gifts for moms, grandmas and even little girls. In the past a locket was the only piece of jewelry that could be used to carry a picture of a loved one around. Now with the innovation of microphoto pendants any picture can be made into a beautiful one of a kind piece of artwork. Any women would be proud to wear these pendants around her neck. Keeping her loved ones close to her heart is exactly what she does anyway, so why not let the world see.

These microphoto pendants can be customized to meet everyone’s personal taste. Almost every aspect of these beautiful keepsakes can be customized to meet your personal preference, from the size, type of metal to the chain length. These microphoto pendants don't have to be a single picture, but can be a collage or a group photo. Have one made each year to always be carrying around a current picture of your loved ones. Don't get locked into a box and think that these are limited to pictures of people. Do you have a dog or cat that has managed to wiggle himself right into your family? Fido can be on a microphoto pendant too.

Let the whole world see exactly who you carry around in your heart with Microphoto pendants.


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Date 3/18/2016


Date 3/8/2022

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