The Stanhope Micro Lens technology has been around since the eighteenth century. This technology centers in on creating miniature jewelry ornaments such as pennants, charms, rings and other decorative miniature jewelry that is usually displayed openly.

These miniature pieces of decorative jewelry are amazing because of the extreme miniature craftsmanship it takes to produce and detail these exquisite items. Also, the fact that they contain a lens used for viewing an embedded article such as a photograph or written text the size of a pinhead is a marvel in itself.

One of the most popular items utilizing this technology that many people are familiar with is a cross charm crafted to be worn on a chain around the neck. This charm might contain either a religious picture or a model of the Lord’s prayer for viewing.

One of the wonderful features of using this technology is that practically any keepsake that a person wants to embed into the chosen item such as a photograph or text message can be crafted into a charm, bracelet, pennant or any other piece of miniature jewelry for a person to display openly. A variety of materials such as precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) and precious stones can be used to craft a customer’s specially designed item. Possibly this could become a family heirloom. On the other hand, less expensive materials are also available for the customer to select from such as brass. Many of the earlier Stanhope pieces were made of less expensive materials because they were marketed as novelties and souvenirs with pictures of popular vacation spots embedded within the jewelry.

One thing to remember about these items is that they are extremely delicate and special care should be taken to insure that they are not damaged by handling them. Also, be mindful of the lens and take care to avoid getting any type of moisture on the lens. You know what happens when water comes in contact with glass. Never use jewelry cleaner on these jewelry items. You might want to store your item in a dry cloth and a place with a moderate temperature. Taking the steps mentioned could go a long way in assuring that your jewelry could be around for many years.

The Stanhope Microphoto Charms will make a wonderful gift for family members and special friends. You can order customized pieces to suit each individual’s personality and that would show the recipient that special care was taken in selecting their item.



Date 4/8/2019

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