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Stanhope Microphoto Pendants Are Perfect for Valentine's Day

Posted by Bryan on 1/31/2013 to Stanhope Jewelry & Gifts
Looking for unique and custom gifts is something that all of us do at one time or another. It could be in search of the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Stanhope Microphoto Charms

Posted by Bryan on 1/10/2013 to Stanhope Jewelry & Gifts
Stanhope Microphoto Charms are beautifully designed to suit every taste and budget. They are available in a variety of styles, from vintage to contemporary.

The Tiny Treasures of Stanhope Jewelry

Posted by Mel on 1/3/2013 to Stanhope Jewelry & Gifts
Stanhope jewelry, also known as peephole jewelry, is jewelry with a tiny piece of artwork or a written passage embedded in it. The picture usually is the size of the head of a pin and so small no one will know it is there. It is positioned under a small magnifying lens. The owner can look through the lens for a crystal-clear view. A Stanhope piece is recognizable by a glass bubble on the surface.

 Stanhope Jewelry & Gifts

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