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The Timeless Joy of Stanhope Jewelry

Posted by Bryan on 5/15/2013 to Stanhope Jewelry & Gifts
In today's society, novelty items and antiques are a very hot commodity. Everything from antique lamps to Grandma's china seems to be available for the right price. One item that seems to never go out of style is Stanhope Jewelry.

A Microphoto Pendants Is Worth a Thousand Beautiful Words

Posted by Bryan on 4/17/2013 to Stanhope Jewelry & Gifts
If you believe the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, then a microphoto pendant is the jewelry of choice for you.

Personalized Jewelry that Means So Much More

Posted by Melissa on 4/10/2013 to Stanhope Jewelry & Gifts
Stanhope Jewelry offers a truly unique twist to both modern and antique jewelry styles. All the jewelry that we make has a peephole through which a customized photo or image can be viewed.

A Closer Look at Stanhope Microphoto Charms

Posted by Bryan on 3/20/2013 to Stanhope Jewelry & Gifts
The Stanhope Micro Lens technology has been around since the eighteenth century.

Stanhope Keepsakes for Funerals & Memorials

Posted by Bryan on 3/12/2013 to Stanhope Jewelry & Gifts
With funeral and memorial Stanhope prayer charms, family members and friends are given the rare opportunity to express how special their loved ones were to them.

 Stanhope Jewelry & Gifts

 The Timeless Joy of Stanhope Jewelry
 Understanding the Beauty in Bridal Stanhope Jewelry
 A Microphoto Pendants Is Worth a Thousand Beautiful Words

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